Frequently Asked Questions

Can you skip leg day? Playing through the training before venturing into other game modes really helps a lot. Training explains the basics of Decoherence in a series of different stages. But you can skip it if you feel adventurous.

Yes. Test Field is a regular practice arena, where every battle condition is determined by you: No need to worry about time limits or budget. Having a controlled environment to familiarize and try out components may prove useful for players before battle. It has also served as a place for developers to roll out new components and have players freely try them out.

Entropy is the main single player mode of Decoherence. In the style of roguelike games, it consists of a series of matches with increasing challenges. Don’t give up!

If you are in the middle of a battle and you exit the game, you will be penalized with losing a life, but your progress will not be lost.

A Trial is a run the player makes at Entropy. It ends when all lives are lost.

Each match in Entropy is a room that must be won in order to advance.

Skirmish simulates a multiplayer game against a pilot controlled by A.I. It has three difficulty modes to test your skills or practice in offline mode.

The game is single player and also has online multiplayer battles (PvP).

To join a multiplayer game you must enter the “online” section of the main menu, join a matchmaking game or invite a friend from your contact list.