Frequently Asked Questions

Decoherence is a competitive action/strategy game where you build robots, devise a battle plan by configuring their A.I. and fight alongside them. Get ready to put your strategic thinking, sharp reflexes and adaptability to the test.

For Decoherence, you need iOS 13.0 or later.

Decoherence is compatible with:

  • iPhone
    • SE
    • 6S
    • 6S Plus
    • 7
    • 7 Plus
    • 8
    • 8 Plus
    • X, XS, XS Max, and XR
  • iPad
    • Mini 4
    • Air 2
    • 2017
    • Pro
  • MacOS
  • TvOS

For Single player modes (Entropy – tutorials – Skirmish), a connection is not needed, but you will need a stable internet connection to play Decoherence in multiplayer modes. 

The game automatically uses the device’s preferred language.

Can you skip leg day? Playing through the training before venturing into other game modes really helps a lot. Training explains the basics of Decoherence in a series of different stages. But you can skip it if you feel adventurous.

Yes. Test Field is a regular practice arena, where every battle condition is determined by you: No need to worry about time limits or budget. Having a controlled environment to familiarize and try out components may prove useful for players before battle. It has also served as a place for developers to roll out new components and have players freely try them out.

Entropy is the main single player mode of Decoherence. In the style of roguelike games, it consists of a series of matches with increasing challenges. Don’t give up!

If you are in the middle of a battle and you exit the game, you will be penalized with losing a life, but your progress will not be lost.

A Trial is a run the player makes at Entropy. It ends when all lives are lost.

Each match in Entropy is a room that must be won in order to advance.

Skirmish simulates a multiplayer game against a pilot controlled by A.I. It has three difficulty modes to test your skills or practice in offline mode.

The game is single player and also has online multiplayer battles (PvP).

To join a multiplayer game you must enter the “online” section of the main menu, join a matchmaking game or invite a friend from your contact list.

Bots are built by putting together a Base Component, an Action Component, and optionally, a Power-Up. Bots’ A.I. can be given specific commands. They can also be manually controlled by piloting them.

In the planning phase, at the bottom of the screen, theres the builder tab. You can create a robot with two parts: base component and action component. You just have to select the bot’s components and place it in the arena.

Base components determine how a bot moves, and factor in to other stats such as total HP (hit points), weight, speed and overall value.

Action components determine the weapon or primary function of a robot: Attack, defense or support.

Before deploying the bot, keep the bot card pressed in iOS, double click on MacOS or press “Y” on the SteelSeries control to open the pro builder where you can select the base you want.

You can also change the base automatically by double tapping on iOS, by right-clicking on MacOS or by pressing “X” on the SteelSeries control.

Power-Ups are special features that can be attributed to the bots in certain game modes.

Robots have a standard basic behavior: they will be offensive and freely seek their targets. Commands allow you to give several specific sequential instructions to each bot, and program their behavior during battle.

You have to select a bot that is located on the arena, you can assign an automatic command by dragging from the bot to the target on iOS, by right-clicking on the target in macOS or pressing “X” on the target in the control SteelSeries. A bot can have automatic commands such as move, attack, capture or defend.
You also have the option of displaying a list of advanced commands for a more precise strategy by holding down the target in iOS, holding down the right click on the target in MacOS or pressing “Y” on the target in the SteelSeries control. A bot can have advanced orders such as wait, shoot once or ignore. You can place up to 8 commands per bot.

Microbots are small, cheap bots that fulfill a limited support role. They cannot be piloted: their A.I. is basic and non-customizable.

Pilots are the player-controlled characters. Pilots have different stats and skills, as well as different initial robot squads, gear and perks.

Weapons and equipment may be customizable depending on the squad chosen. Pilot aspects cannot be customized yet, but it’s certainly gonna be present on future updates.

Mechs are the most powerful robots in the game. They require a pilot to function and only become available in the last part of the game. They take some time to boot-up.

Each team has a Core on their side of the arena that enemy bots or pilots can capture. This triggers an electromagnetic pulse that disables all enemy bots, automatically winning the round.

kWs are the bot building currency. More powerful components cost more kWs.

Squads are comprised of the main bot component selection (Base, Action, Utility, Microbots), and the pilot and mech loadouts that players can bring into multiplayer matches. Similar to decks in card games, squads are created and edited through the main menu in the Squad Editor.

Custom squads are the key in multiplayer game modes, make sure you have one ready for every situation.

  • Go to the “squads” tab of the main menu.
  • Select new squad
  • Make sure the squad is complete and give it a name to save it.

Nope. Squads on Entropy are defined according to the character and crates you chose, and your purchases in the Roboshop.

At the beginning of every room, a Monolith must be placed. It defines your robot placement area and the pilot’s initial position, as well as acting as a healing zone in battle. The Monolith will have to be protected while trying to destroy the enemy mainframe. If it’s destroyed, all player bots are briefly electrocuted. The Monolith doesn’t have to be placed in Boss fights.

Mainframes are the main enemy unit on Entropy Rooms. The pilot’s objective is to destroy the mainframe. The Mainframe is a static base that can create additional bots for reinforcement.

The most direct way is to win them in crates, but you can also get extra components in the Roboshop: Before facing a boss you will have the option to access the Roboshop: Before facing a boss you will have the option to access the Roboshop, in which you can use entropy points and buy what you need to continue your game.

When a room is cleared, you can select one of three Crates to add to your squad. The classes have been predefined but the components in the crates are random. Crates can contain Components, PowerUps, Microbots and Pilot Equipment.

Roboshop is a place to buy additional components in an Entropy Trial. It is located before Boss rooms.

Switch to the Sell option, select the components that you don’t need, and complete the transaction to earn some extra entropy points. You can use them immediately to buy something more useful.

No, at the moment we are not planning to include any type of micro transaction or a season pass. All current content of the game is included with your subscription to the Apple Game Center.

Points you can win by destroying enemy bots and destroying mainframes. Entropy Points are reset when a new trial starts.

Destroying a Mainframe yields Hypercubes. This is the currency for the persistent progression system. These belong to you and are not tied to individual pilots.

Perks are abilities that you acquire by spending Hypercubes. Each pilot has a unique set that will greatly increase their individual characteristics. Perks are bought and equipped in the screen prior to starting a Trial.

You can play multiplayer on all supported platforms. (iOS, MacOs, iPadOS, TvOS)
Decoherence allows cross-platform online gaming, so don’t worry if your friends have a different apple device.

When you log in to iCloud and GameCenter with the same account you will have all your progress available in the game.

Yes, Decoherence is compatible with these controls, you can use them on any platform.

Yes. Soon! Currently, we are working on it, please tell us about something you would like to see, and play on our discord channel.

Please reach out to our Customer Support contact page and leave us a message.

Sure thing! We would be glad to hear from you. Give us your thoughts on our Discord Channel.

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