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15 Aug, 2017



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Decoherence is a competitive action/strategy game where you build robots, devise a battle plan by configuring their A.I and fight alongside them. Get ready to put your strategic thinking, sharp reflexes and adaptability to the test.


Decoherence is our dream project made into reality, our first original IP; here the team is pouring all of the lessons learned from the past 10 years of projects into the game. We've yet to reveal details and gameplay of the game but for now, what we can say is that Decoherence will provide a competitive online experience mixing frantic action with strategy and deep tactics, making it a pretty unique take on the genre. Two matches will never be the same because skill is a factor that has almost as much weight as strategizing.


  • Craft and prepare your own robot team.
  • Plan ahead with as much in-depth control as you wish.
  • Learn to adapt to the environment and read your opponent's intentions.
  • Get into the action as an active pilot, and fight alongside your robots to defeat the enemy team.
  • Some things might not go as planned, react and take advantage of it!.


Cinematic Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Video YouTube, Vimeo



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of Unreal Dev Grants." 8 August, 2017
  • "Indie Mega Booth PAX East 2018." 9 March, 2018
  • "Indie Mega Booth PAX West 2018." 29 August, 2018

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About Efecto Studios

EFECTO STUDIOS is a videogame development company with 10+ years of experience providing services of high production value in partnership with first-class studios. The team has proven its capability to bring ideas from concept to execution with the quality expected from today’s industry. Nowadays the studio is pursuing its own creative path as an indie developer in the PC and console markets with original IPs directed to a hardcore audience.

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